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2017-01-16 12:20:58
Sellers: Buyers Know What They Want When They See

In today's connected world, Home Buyers have many resources to view homes for sale and after flicking through hundreds of home pictures online, they have a very good idea of what they want and what they can get for the budget they have. The questions is as a home seller, are you offering buyers what they want?

When a house remains stuck on the market for months, this can be quite frustrating for a home seller. One of the reasons behind a house sitting too long in the market might be- the wrong presentation of the property. Now, one of the common reasons for a house to have very little buyer activity is- the seller is trying to sell the house just the way it is instead of going through some basic re-arranging or home staging often simply using the items already in the home.

With a house sitting in the market for months, potential buyers begin to wonder if there is anything wrong with the house.
A sense of negativity drives them away even if the home is being offered at a reasonable price. To make things worse, each month, the seller needs to pay all the costs including taxes, cost of maintenance and mortgage interest and at the end may have to sell the house at a much lower price. Not a desired outcome.

On the other hand, sellers who plan ahead of time sale way early before they planned to move, it becomes a lot easier for them to get a desired deal for their house. Such sellers remain close in touch with a local agents and take their advice more seriously to make changes to their house. They update it considering the current market demand. It is important to keep in mind that regardless of how difficult this may seem to bring in changes to a house where you have lived for many years, if you want to get it sold, you need to make sure that the house is properly renovated so that it fulfills the demands of the buyers who may have very different taste and preferences. Therefore the house has to go through some renovations following the current trends.

So if you are planning to sell your house at a good price, at first you need to detach yourself from it emotionally so that you can see the practical issues. Consult with reputed local agent and take their expert opinions seriously to bring necessary changes to your house to make it more desirable for the buyers. A good agent will be able to recommend a reputable home stager that will give you a written plan of how to d-clutter and arrange your home so it shows to its highest potential.

Always remember, these days, potential buyers usually prefer turn-key houses where they can move and invite their friends to come over within a short period of time. Often they don’t have the time and often money to renovate it considering the hectic everyday schedule they have to go through. So it is important for home sellers: give buyers what they want, and you will surely get what you are looking for... your home sold.

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Sheryl Robinson Gilbert Realtor

Sheryl Robinson is a licensed real estate agent based in Gilbert, Arizona and is the owner and an associate broker of Home Key Realty. Sheryl obtained her license back in 2003 and forged her way through the real estate crisis of 2008 by helping many families short sale their homes to avoid foreclosure. Today she is an active Realtor in her local market helping educate and guide buyers and sellers through the real estate process.


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